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Quality Life Examinations:

Quality Life examinations are done in your home and generally take 60 to 90 minutes.  These visits establish a relationship between the caregiver, the pet and the veterinarian.  They establish caregiver goals and assess the pet's current quality of life.  A personal care plan is developed that will best embrace pet needs and caregiver goals.

Palliative Care Programs:

Palliative care programs are developed after Quality Life exams.  Generally palliative care plans are for pets with ongoing conditions for which there is no cure but for which treatments are helpful.  Conditions such as chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and many others.

Hospice Care Programs:

Hospice care programs are developed after Quality Life exams.  Hospice care plans are for pets with terminal conditions and focus on comfort care for the pet and support for the caregivers.  The goal of hospice is to maintain the pet's comfort and quality of life, while respecting the goals and beliefs of the caregivers.

Home Euthanasia & Aftercare:

Home euthanasia services are tailored with the comfort of the pet in mind.  Caregiver needs and wishes will be respected as much as is possible in regards to euthanasia, memorials (such as paw prints), ceremonies and aftercare needs.  Ideally the pets we see for euthanasia have been enrolled in one of our care programs to ensure that there is no lapse in their comfort and that caregivers are given the time necessary to prepare for their pet's death. 

We understand that this is not always possible.  Our euthanasia services are available to those who desire a more intimate experience than can be had in a traditional veterinary office and who feel comfortable with the procedure being performed in their home.

Quality Life Vet Care will perform Quality Life Exams for pets in any stage of life.  As hospice/palliative care providers, we do not utilize diagnostics and treatments the way a general practice would.   We may, however, be able to accommodate special needs pets that are not traditional hospice/palliative patients.  Just ask.

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