About Us

Quality Life Vet Care Goals:


To maintain or improve your pet’s quality of life. 


To maintain or improve the bond that exists between you and your pet.


To maintain your quality of life as you tend to your pet’s needs.


To prepare you for and to guide you through the end of your pet’s life.

Dr. Bob Bussa, DVM, CHPV


Dr. Bob has been practicing veterinary medicine in both rural and urban areas of WA & OR since 2005.

He started Quality Life Vet Care to make pets comfortable and reduce their stress at the end of their lives.  He strives to help caregivers manage an important moment in their own lives and to strengthen the human-animal bond which can grow strongest in its waning moments.


He is passionate about geriatric care and works with caregivers and their cats & dogs with compassion, integrity and patience.

Quality Care in Your Own Home


It can be difficult to transport pets that are frail, have mobility issues or those that become stressed when traveling to the vet's office.

Quality Life Vet Care comes to them, in their home, where they are most comfortable.

In their home, we can better appreciate the bond they have with their caregivers.  We can assess them in their natural environment - see where they eat, where they sleep and address any potential environmental issues that may increase their comfort.